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Hello! I am Crafter Wong and I am the sole runner of this site. I release 3D models and free paper templates of different mobile game characters and intend to release new models every Wednesday and occasionally Saturday. I am currently a kid at uni who wants to share my creation and hobby with other people (as I have never met anyone who possesses a similar hobby to this, so I have resorted to the internet to find others). I have been building models for the past 10 years started by building the initial Pokemon Ranch models made by the Pokemon company. Here is my first model I ever made eons ago:

Over the past years, I have made many other Pokemon models from websites such as:



Ninjatoes Papercrafts

Here is my collection so far...

With an increase of other activities in life, I have not had the time to build these big models anymore and I thus I have created this site to create small paper crafts that do not take up as much time. Please do not nag me to post any requested models ahead of time as I typically plan my releases a few weeks ahead of time thus it will typically take a month for me to release the design. So far, I have ripped models and made templates from mainly mobile games, Pokemon Rumble Rush and Bloons Tower Defense, and intend to continue making models in this way. 

If you have any questions or need a way to contact me you can comment on the site (I am pretty good at responding to people) or through my Deviantart at the following link Deviantart or email me personally at hi123456788910@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking your time to visit this blog/website and I hope you enjoy the models. Always remember to enjoy building!


  1. Hi! I was wondering, how do you get the 3d models for the ones like tsareena? I wanted to make a gothitelle one, but i cant find a model of her. Thank you!

    1. Hello. I got the 3D Models by ripping it (using a program to get the 3d Models for me) from Pokemon Rumble Rush. Unfortunately that game does not exist anymore so yeah. I do have the model from Gothitelle so if you want to email me I could send you the files.